VR Audiomixer | Bachelor's Project

This interactive VR-Experience was the main part of my graduation project in the Bachelor’s program Sound and Music Production at the University of Applied Science Darmstadt (Konzeption und Umsetzung eines räumlichen Audio-Mixers als VR-Anwendung im Kontext der Musique Concréte). The two modes of the application were used to test for improvement in accuracy of the subject’s ability to localize discrete sound sources in an acoustic space, that was created via binaural synthesis (Oculus Spatializer Plugin).

In February 2018 a modified version was displayed at the Läd Naid Sürprise at the Staatstheater Darmstadt.

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The two modes

At first the subject’s accuracy in localizing discrete sound sources in the virtual 3D space was tested via the Test Mode. Here a dummy object has to be placed as accurate as possible at the supposed position the sound is heard from. After locking in a visual representation of the sound source appears at the actual location. Then the horizontal, vertical and direct angular distance between the subject’s guess and the sound source is measured. There were no differences in distance, as this study was only about the directional parameters.

Next each subject was asked to spend 10 minutes in the Play Mode to get familiar with the 3D audio environment by interacting with the different sound sources and experience the binaural sound. 

After that the same test was conducted again in the Test Mode, only with different positions to avoid patterns the subjects may recognize. The measurements from the first test were then compared to those of the second test. The results showed more accurate placement of the dummy object overall, but especially in the horizontal angular distance.

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