VR Fulldome Audio Mixer

VR-Panning-Tool for Fulldome production | Final Master’s Project This work presents a prototype of an alternative VR interface for panning sound sources in ambisonics, its field of application being the production of fulldome content. It provides the user with a more extensive unterstanding of the positions of all sources and their spatial relations, compared to […]


VIREED Med VIREED Med is an interactive virtual reality learning platform for medical training, offering immersive real life scenarios and effective learning simulations. The pictures below show the scenario in which the user learns about the process and execution of basic life support, for which I contributed the audio production and implementation. Due to the […]

VR Audio Mixer Experience

VR Audiomixer | Bachelor’s Project This interactive VR-Experience was the main part of my graduation project in the Bachelor’s program Sound and Music Production at the University of Applied Science Darmstadt (Konzeption und Umsetzung eines räumlichen Audio-Mixers als VR-Anwendung im Kontext der Musique ConcrĂ©te). The two modes of the application were used to test for […]

A Sunny Day

A Sunny Day A Sunny Day is a story driven VR experience that tells the story of urban warfare from the view of a civilian in a wheel chair. The project was a collaborative work from the audio and game bachelor’s programs at the University Of Applied Science Darmstadt. My Roles Sound Design Foley Recording […]