VR Fulldome Audio Mixer

VR-Panning-Tool for Fulldome production | Final Master’s Project This work presents a prototype of an alternative VR interface for panning sound sources in ambisonics, its field of application being the production of fulldome content. It provides the user with a more extensive unterstanding of the positions of all sources and their spatial relations, compared to […]

Out Of Place

Out Of Place

Out Of Place Experience the adventure of Simon, a teenager who suddenly finds himself in a strange world filled with ruins of a destroyed civilization. Help reactivate an enormous, ancient machine which crashed into the mountainside. Overcome your fear with the support of your companion using a mysterious energy. Take action for a better world […]

Dead Sector

Dead Sector Find out, why more and more underground sectors lose contact with the surface in this immersive souls-like. Fight against mysterious creatures in challenging combat and an atmospheric environment.  Feed their life energy into the forge to charge your equipment and access new abilities. My Roles Foley Recording Sound Design Implementation Mixing Audio Software […]

Stand Up

Stand Up

Stand Up Feri is a provocative StandUp Comedian who puts up with a lot of hostilities, up until her sister gets hurt in a racist assault. My Roles Sound Design Dialog Editing Audio Software Nuendo Pro Tools Year Of Production 2020

Apollo 11

Apollo 11 | Night Of The Museums This film was shown at the Physikalischer Verein Frankfurt on the Night of the Museums on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the first moonlanding. The audio design tries to give a more intimate impression of the events, only accentuated by some of the original voice recordings. […]

The Pillars Of The Earth

Ken Follett’s: Pillars Of The Earth The Pillars Of The Earth is an interactive novel based on the world-bestseller book series by Ken Follett. During my time as a sound design intern at Daedalic Entertainment I was substantially involved in the sound production of the first episode, which won the German Developer Award for Best […]

Living Structures

Living Structures | Fulldome Generative abstract visuals based on a swarming algorithm explore the constant oscillation of nature between order and chaos. Living Structures is a fulldome production that was part of the annual evening program Equinox at the Planetarium Hamburg in collaboration with the HAW Hamburg in 2019. My Roles Video Sound Design Coding Mixing Audio […]


VIREED Med VIREED Med is an interactive virtual reality learning platform for medical training, offering immersive real life scenarios and effective learning simulations. The pictures below show the scenario in which the user learns about the process and execution of basic life support, for which I contributed the audio production and implementation. Due to the […]

VR Audio Mixer Experience

VR Audiomixer | Bachelor’s Project This interactive VR-Experience was the main part of my graduation project in the Bachelor’s program Sound and Music Production at the University of Applied Science Darmstadt (Konzeption und Umsetzung eines räumlichen Audio-Mixers als VR-Anwendung im Kontext der Musique Concréte). The two modes of the application were used to test for […]

A Sunny Day

A Sunny Day A Sunny Day is a story driven VR experience that tells the story of urban warfare from the view of a civilian in a wheel chair. The project was a collaborative work from the audio and game bachelor’s programs at the University Of Applied Science Darmstadt. My Roles Sound Design Foley Recording […]